Chapter 02

Nov 4, 2021 at 1:45 am

Email to:


To: McInnis, Chris

So after speaking with you on the phone this afternoon, I learned from you that Natasha deliberately did not tell or explain to you that she deliberately physically assaulted Eexii by shoving his right hand away/off his school work so, she then could then physically steal Eexii’s school work from his binder, and then deliberately destroyed it.

From Eexii’s perspective of today’s events, he feels she was bullying him again because she recently just started hanging out with a new group of friends, and she has been trying to act “cool” for them at his expense.

I guess in today’s world of children, Natasha thinks being cool means cornering the Black kid so he can’t move, who is alone and is trying to finish his schoolwork between classes.

Eexii explained to me that their relationship has changed over the past couple of weeks, as Natasha now tries to insult and make fun of him when she is in front of her new cool friends Greg and Kaylie.

In fact, Eexii asked us if he could change his hair back to its natural color unannounced to us over this past weekend because last week, Natasha made some insulting comments about Eexii’s head looking like the sun and also looking and being shaped like a lemon.

With that said, now I will tell you what happened, leaving out nothing unlike the liar and misleading Ms. Natasha.

Eexii was standing in the hallway just before the gym doors. He was standing there finishing some science work.

Natasha walked up to him and asked, “What are you doing?” Eexii replied, “I am just finishing some work.”

At that point, Natasha shoved Eexii’s right hand out of the way and grabbed his science work from his binder, and crumpled it up, destroying it.

Eexii’s immediate response was to push her away as he felt threatened.

Eexii felt at that moment he needed to put some space between Natasha and himself because he had his back against the wall, and he was surrounded on each of his sides by other students’ backpacks on the floor, and he had nowhere to go to get away from the aggressor Natasha who was now standing in front of him.

As Eexii raised his right hand to push her, Natasha turned and gave Eexii her back so he would not be able to push her backwards.

At that time, Eexii pushed her in the middle of her back just above her shoulder blades as she bent/ducked down, trying to avoid being pushed. Eexii made contact with her back with an open hand, pushing her away.

Natasha then threw Eexii’s destroyed school work on the ground like it was “worthless” and walked away silently as if nothing had happened.

Eexii had no choice but to try and physically remove the aggressor Natasha from within his personal space.

Eexii was, first of all, minding his own business, doing his science work when Natasha, without any provocation, decided to box him in, attack and assault him and then destroy his school work.

Eexii explained that he was scared that Natasha would do something to him or take his binder next.

That if she could just randomly assault him and take his schoolwork, destroying it without fear. Then anything was possible to him at that point.

Eexii says he felt scared because he had nowhere to go as he was boxed in, and there was no teacher around to ask for help during Natasha’s physical attack.

Eexii does not have to respect the rights of “a girl,” as you stated when trying to defend himself from being assaulted and attacked, period!

The aggressor, Natasha, had no problem physically assaulting Eexii by shoving his hand away to prevent him from stopping her from taking his science work and destroying it.

It is clear that Natasha picked this right opportunity to pick on the Black kid who was by himself and trying to do school work, as no one was around to witness it or a teacher to intervene.

Luckily Eexii thinks Dawson caught the tail end of the encounter as he was going past the gym doors while inside the gym.

Let me make this very clear, Eexii will not be bullied by anyone in your school. Eexii will defend himself with physical force at any time when he feels threatened with harm or is physically assaulted by a student.

Eexii has every right under the law to react with physical force when confronted with potential or actual physical force.

Natasha physically assaulted Eexii so she could steal his schoolwork.

Criminal Code: Assault

265 (1) A person commits an assault when

(a) without the consent of another person, he applies force intentionally to that other person, directly or indirectly;

(b) he attempts or threatens, by an act or a gesture, to apply force to another person, if he has, or causes that other person to believe on reasonable grounds that he has, present ability to effect his purpose; or

When Natasha physically stole Eexii’s schoolwork, it is classified as theft.

Criminal Code: Theft

322 (1) Every one commits theft who fraudulently and without color of right takes, or fraudulently and without color of right converts to his use or to the use of another person, anything, whether animate or inanimate, with intent

(a) to deprive, temporarily or absolutely, the owner of it, or a person who has a special property or interest in it, of the thing or of his property or interest in it;

(d) to deal with it in such a manner that it cannot be restored in the condition in which it was at the time it was taken or converted.

And the aggressor Natasha then physically destroyed his personal property.

Criminal Code: Mischief

430 (1) Every one commits mischief who wilfully

(a) destroys or damages property;

We don’t care if it is a girl or a boy. NO ONE has the right to make our son feel scared and guilted into being ashamed of protecting himself and his property even if it is against “a girl.”

As I learned from talking with you this afternoon, the story is different from Natasha’s perspective. The same lying Natasha who deliberately forgot to tell you about assaulting Eexii, destroying his science work, while cornering him, so he had nowhere to go and then discarding his schoolwork onto the ground as if it was “worthless.”

Just because Natasha is, as you say, “a girl.” Does not give her a free pass to assault, intimidate and steal and destroy Eexii’s schoolwork/education.

If Natasha’s parents had raised her appropriately, they would have taught her about respecting other people and their property like we taught our daughter, and this would not have happened. And the aggressor, Natasha, would then learn to respect boys, and she would not try and assault them or steal and destroy their school work.

It appears her parents, and clearly, yourself and the DSBN, have her believing that just because she is “a girl”, she is allowed to have that free pass so she can act in a very aggressive manner towards Eexii.

If her parents, and clearly yourself and the DSBN, had explained to her that there are severe consequences for her actions, being a girl or not. That it is not appropriate to play the gender card as an excuse to think that you can get away with this type of bullying behavior towards boys, this would not have happened.

It appears that you also think that because Natasha is “a girl”, Eexii does not have the right to push her away and protect himself and his property from Natshas’s physical attack.

It appears that you think that Eexii should have just stood against the wall, surrounded by school bags and nowhere to go, and avoided touching “a girl” at all cost waiting for her to finish what she was doing and leave.

But because Eexii responded in the same manner of physical force that the aggressor Natasha was dishing out to him.

Natasha quickly realized that she was probably in over her head and decided to de-escalate the situation immediately by walking away very silently. So it is a good thing Eexii took the initiative and responded with the same amount of physical force.

This could have been a lot worse for Eexii if he had just stood there being passive and acted cowardly towards Natasha and her aggressive behavior and bullying ways. I mean, what would have then stopped Natasha from telling all her friends what she did to “lemon shaped head” Eexii, trying to embarrass him even more on how he got beat up by “a girl” and did nothing because he was scared of her!

You are so fixated on labeling Eexii as an Angry Black Man/Child who cannot control his temper, who just randomly beats up students for no reason. Trying and destroy his reputation and credibility in an attempt to protect your vice-principal Mrs. Ravazzolo and Eexii’s teacher Mr. Maddalena for their inexcusable behavior towards him.

Let me explain that you may be a Caucasian male, an adult, and in a position of what you think is authority. But that means nothing to Allison and me, and it means nothing to Eexii.

We can continue playing this racist game all day if you want in your attempts to retaliate against us for calling out your racist vice-principal Mrs. Ravazzolo, who is now saying that Eexii is a liar.

You can continue to refuse to respond to our request for written clarification of these past and current events. But we will get them in the end, believe it or not. And at that point, there will be questions that will need to be answered from your end.

And then you wonder why Eexii will not approach you or your staff anymore for help when being bullied?

First – Your staff deliberately ignores him in the schoolyard when he reaches out for help when being bullied on numerous occasions.

Second – Your vice-principal Mrs. Ravazzolo now calls him a liar about what transpired between them on September 27, 2021.

Third – You write off his and our concerns about students and staff’s racist behavior towards him as insignificant and nonexistent because the predominant Caucasian school accepts their new Caucasian principal with loving arms wide open. “I have never been in a more welcoming and positive school than Connaught.”

And fourth – His teacher states that by Eexii getting much-needed help at home from his parents and using a computer to help learn is considered cheating and unfair to the rest of his predominant Caucasian class. Despite using computers and technology at school.

Believe it or not, sir, racism is alive and well in Canada, and like it or not, it exists at your school.

You can continue to try to bury your head in your ass and ignore it and deny that the Black kid gets picked on simply because they are Black. That is the Caucasian privilege that you have granted yourself.

You would not be the first so-called professional to think like this, nor will you be the last. It appears that you write off Eexii’s Black skin and the problems he encounters because of it because you ” have never been in a more welcoming and positive school than Connaught.”

Really?  Well, Mr. McInnis, I can assure you that racism still exists within the Ontario school board system.

Yes, one of your own; a teacher thought it was appropriate to wear Blackface to work in a high school in 2021!

What does that tell you about your “sour” school system?

Do you know what it tells me? It tells me that this so-called teacher did not give two-fucks about the students’ feelings or how they feel about his disgusting behavior, nor did he even care or consider the mental abuse he could have caused them!

A teacher is supposed to be a figure of authority, role model, and individual to be looked up to. Yes, Mr. McInnis, this is YOUR people doing this racist shit!

And you want me to tell Eexii the school system in Ontario cares about him and his Black skin?

And then there are these links also.

The following link is a mighty convenient one for Southern Ontario school boards which includes your Connaught school.

From this point on, do not call or leave messages on Allison or my cell phones about any incidents regarding Eexii that relate to bullying.

You may only call if Eexii requests it or if he is sick or needs to leave school.

In fact, Eexii has his phone, so you can have him call us on his personal phone.

You can send Allison and me an email outlining what happened and what you have learned through your “investigation” , and what was done about it.

I am tired of trying to transcribe these phone calls we have. It is too much work, and it is time that I could be doing better things with. All correspondence must be via emails from this point forward.

Also, a reminder that no one is to question or guilt Eexii into talking about the events until he talks to me, his dad, first!

As you stated this afternoon, this type of behavior will not be tolerated and won’t happen anymore.

Another reminder to you. It will happen again if anyone physically assaults or deny Eexii his right to move away from a situation where he is scared because he is being physically and/or mentally intimidated or someone again tries to steal and destroy his personal property.

Eexii is NO ONES BLACK punch bag, nor is he there for anyone entertainment and convenience to try and be cool at his expense.

Maybe instead of having your Bully Day on the day that Natasha and the entire class were told to stay home because of the Covid case.

Maybe you should have rebooked it or had a separate presentation for Eeexii class, so Natasha could have learned about bullying and the potential negative effects it could have on people like Eexii who are told they are “worthless” and “should kill themselves!”

Again the irony of all this is your failed attempts to take control of your school and the bullying that goes on it, that you believe that the bully Natasha has to “win” in the end. “Every day we encounter new situations of conflict that we try to solve peacefully so that BOTH SIDES WIN.”

It is refreshing to see that bullies also need to “win” and not be held accountable. I mean, the only way a bully wins is if they are not punished for their actions. You know, no consequences! This is why you have no control over your school. You don’t want the bully to feel like the loser they are for being bullies!

It is okay with you for Black Eexii to feel like a loser with all these hurtful words like “worthless” and he “should killhimself” and your staff’s actions, but let us not make the bully Natasha feel like a loser.

She has got to feel like she is WINNING despite being the aggressor. Do you now realize how bizarre and irresponsible that sounds coming from a so-called professional principal of an elementary school?

And your statement from earlier that Eexii should not be hitting “a girl” is so backwards thinking that I cannot even get my mind around it.

So it is okay with you for “a girl” to apply physical force to Eexii, but not for Eexii to push a girl who was intimidating him while trying to restrict his movement, and assaulted him and stoled and destroyed the hard work he did in school?

Let us note that Eexii did not use excessive force again, nor did he even try and hurt his bully Natasha. As evident as she just walked away and said nothing to anyone until after school when she probably told her mother the same one side story of her faultless encounter with the unruly Black kid named Eexii.

You approach this situation, downplaying Eexii’s actions as wrong because he did not turn the other cheek and wait to get assistance from a corrupt principal and his staff.

You and the DSBN can take this fictitious Caucasian Jesus Christ Christianity bullshit beliefs of – Luke 6:29, where Jesus states

“If someone strikes you on one cheek, turn to him the other also.”

And replace it with the actual person who existed, Malcolm X, who stated,

“Do nothing unto anyone that you would not like to have done unto yourself. Seek peace, and never be the aggressor—but if anyone attacks you, we do not teach you to turn the other cheek.”

But I guess all 266 Caucasian Catholic Pontiffs know more about racism than Blacks themselves.

– I guess all 266 Caucasian Catholic Pontiffs know more about child abuse than the victims their priests molested and physically abused.

– I guess all 266 Caucasian Catholic Pontiffs know more about what happened in the Residential School than the indigenous kids they murdered.

– I guess all 266 Caucasian Catholic Pontiffs know more about the result from their centuries of conquering and plundering countries than the people who lived there.

Let me explain, Eexii will at no time turn the other cheek and walk away when confronted with aggression from anyone, even if you and the DSBN state he must!

That is just an invitation for more abuse from your school system towards him, as the students will clearly realize that no matter what happens. Eexii will get in trouble, eventually suspended, no matter what his involvement is. As long as he is involved, Eexii is the Angry Black Man/Child, and he is the problem.

“the suspension rates of Black youth in many Canadian schools are comparable to those found in the United States; according to the United States Department of Education, Black students are suspended at a rate three times higher than white students.”

I guess we will have to start looking into Eexii wearing a body cam to school to protect him from any future false allegations by your staff and aggressive behavior from your students.

It is clear that you and your staff do not care about the effects of bullying on children, especially Black children named Eexii by different Caucasian students named Marcus and Natasha. Hell, your vice-principal Mrs. Ravazzolo has now taken up calling him a liar to protect her own interest in her failure to do her job without bias and stereotyping Eexii.

Mr. McInnis, you are more interested in labeling Eexii as an Angry Black Man/Child than you are about the mental effects this abuse could have on him that he is enduring while in your care, in your school. A bodycam will definitely stop people like your vice-principal, Mrs. Ravazzolo, from making future false allegations that Eexii is a liar. A bodycam will certainly stop bullies like Marcus and Natasha from randomly verbally and physically attacking Eexii for no apparent reason.

Mr. McInnis as a Caucasian principal, you are either clueless to racism and the real struggle for Black students who survive each day living in your Caucasian school system, or you are just plain ignorant and don’t care, always looking out for your own. Bully thrives on having an audience, and you are that audience. Making sure that the bullies “win” ,too! “Every day we encounter new situations of conflict that we try to solve peacefully so that BOTHSIDES WIN.”

Do you even understand and comprehend what happens to children when children are bullied? Some commit suicide. But that is okay with you; as long as your children are not being bullied, why the fuck would you care?

This little Angry Black Man/Child Eexii does not live in your house, nor would you have to make funeral arrangements for him if such a horrible act happened! So why would his emotional well-being be of your concern?

Anytime you want to talk to me about children committing suicide, you let me know because, unlike you. I have seen firsthand the horrible end result of childhood bullying on more than one occasion. And I also take it very seriously, like racism, especially when it is my child!

This discussion is done. I await a written response ONLY in regards to the two previous incidents that Eexii was involved in. Do not email me telling me about your black friends, or your black family members, or how you love “Soul Food” because your words mean nothing as your actions clearly speak loud enough for all to see what is in your heart.