– PART 24 –

The Insertion of Mary Anne Gage
Discussion: Mary Anne Gage Email – November 08, 2021
Timeline: November 01, 2021 / November 08, 2021

24.1 The parents were still dissatisfied with the DSBNS, Warren Hoshizaki, Christopher McInnis’s and Jacqueline Ravazzolo purposefully vague reply. The parents now had additional concerns about what happened to their son as they were still unsure of exactly what had happened that day.

24.2 In any case, let’s continue to take a closer look at the claim that “The words that you mentioned in your email were never expressed to Ravazzolo during the investigation.”

24.3 What words were “never expressed?” The only words the applicant actually said that were quoted the parents in the email to Jacqueline Ravazzolo were that of “You are useless” before Jacqueline Ravazzolo immediately cut him off.

24.4 Are these “The words that you mentioned in your email were never expressed to Ravazzolo during the investigation” that DSBNS, Warren Hoshizaki, Christopher McInnis’s and Jacqueline Ravazzolo are asserting that the applicant never expressed?

24.5 As the DSBN, Warren Hoshizaki, Christopher McInnis’s and Jacqueline Ravazzolo never could be bothered to explain what truly happened, hence it never happened!

24.6 The only conclusion we can draw from the information available is that they are asserting that the applicant failed to report to Jacqueline Ravazzolo that his Caucasian bully Marcus told him, “You are useless.”

24.7 And given that they claim that the applicant purposefully omitted this crucial fact of why the occurrence of events transpired when speaking to Jacqueline Ravazzolo. At this point all they do is hope that we assume and believe Jacqueline Ravazzolo never questioned the applicant as to why he dragged Marcus by the hair to the ground?

24.8 The DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki were asked to intervene by the parents, but instead the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki instructed Mary Anne Gage, the new superintendent of Connaught Public School to communicate with the parents via email.

To: Inquiries inquiries@dsbn.org
Dated: November 01, 2021

Good morning Mr. Hoshizaki,

As I have many issues with your Connaught public school, I will address them one at a time, over time, so as not to overwhelm you by clouding and confusing the issues.

I have requested on numerous occasions a written response from Vice-Principal, Mrs. Ravazzolo, regarding her interaction with my son on September 27, 2021, and her investigation into the bullying that he received from a fellow student. Until today, I still have not received any clarification.

I will assume that I will not be getting any, as Principal, Mr. McInnis, and Vice-Principal, Mrs. Ravazzolo, seem to be doubling down on their stance not to give it to us, his parents.

Is there any good reason why these individuals would be deliberately refusing to give any parents any written explanation of an encounter between a child and the vice-principal regarding a severe bullying incident that day?

I would like detailed from the events of that day, but I am sure that Principal, Mr. McInnis, and Vice-Principal, Mrs. Ravazzolo, would be more than happy to provide you with the emails that I supplied to them regarding this matter. I am also sure they would love to explain why they are so hesitant to supply his parents with a written outline of events and investigation conclusions from that day.

To: Inquiries inquiries@dsbn.org
Dated: November 01, 2021

As no one could be bothered to acknowledge that they received the email and that they would forward it to Mr. Hoshizaki , I will send it again for a second time.

From: Mary Anne Gage maryanne.gage@dsbn.org
Dated: November 02, 2021


Your email to the Director was shared with me as I am the new Superintendent for Connaught school. I would really like an opportunity to speak with you to hear your concerns regarding your son’s experiences at Connaught. I have spoken with Mr. McInnis at the school but, I would like to hear your perspective on the concerns and have the opportunity to problem solve with you. Please email me with a few dates / times that work for you and a number I can contact you at.

I look forward to our conversation,

To: : Mary Anne Gage maryanne.gage@dsbn.org
Dated: November 03, 2021

Good morning… Understood… Thx….

As per your request for dates to talk on the phone. That is something I don’t do anymore. I stopped that years ago as stories always change and I personally like the paper trails.

What I want this round is a written clarification as to what transpired on September 27, 2021 between our son and this other kid from the vice principal. I want clarification as to what was said between everyone as it appears she is calling our son a liar. So I am now forced to call her out on it.

I don’t appreciate a female Caucasian adult with a position of authority trying to make my son who is Black look like a liar to save her own reputation.  We all know the school system is inherently racist, maybe not you, but others. And it appears that this vice principal has caught my attention with her inappropriate behavior and now I would like clarification as to what she said transpired that day.

Nothing to complex, a simple written explanation as to what each child said to her. For some reason this seems to be like pulling teeth from a chicken. IMPOSSIBLE!

So this is why I have now escalated this conversation to you. I have sent them a few emails in regards to this matter. You may want to ask them to forward them to you so you can really understand what is going on before you commit to anything. 

From: Mary Anne Gage maryanne.gage@dsbn.org
Dated: November 04, 2021


Thank you for clarifying your request.  I will have a written summary for you by Monday.

To: : Mary Anne Gage maryanne.gage@dsbn.org
Dated: November 04, 2021

Hello, I would rather the summary be from Mrs. Ravazzolo who is the actual source itself. I would like to make sure there is no misunderstand or things lost in translation as to what was said and done.

As she was the actual person who investigated the situation and spoke first hand to both children. I would like the clarification from her and not a second/third hand party. If she likes she can get a lawyer to do if for her, but I don’t think it is appropriate that you are speaking and presenting her recall of events on her behalf. Not sure why she is so hesitant to write on the matter?

From: Mary Anne Gage maryanne.gage@dsbn.org
Dated: November 08, 2021

Hello, I am following up on your request for a summary from Ravazzolo regarding the incident that occurred on September 27th. I have met with Mrs. Ravazzolo and Mr. McInnis and have read the emails you sent to administration and staff at Connaught. Below is a summary from Ravazzolo:

• Marcus came to office upset that classmate pulled his hair.
• Ravazzolo began to look into the incident by speaking with both students separately, asking them similar questions.
• Regarding your son, she spoke to your son in the hallway with his teacher and first asked if he was OK. He replied yes.

• He was then asked if he could share from his perspective what had happened.
• Your son stated that he did pull the students hair.
• When asked why (gaining information that lead to this), your son responded that the student was annoying.
• Ravazzolo asked if there was an action that the student did that was annoying or whether there was something the student said that was annoying.
• Your son responded by saying the student bugs and annoys him.
• When asked how the situation can be resolved, your son offered to apologize for his own actions.
• Ravazzolo phoned you to let you know about the situation and that your son was not able to explain what lead up to pulling of hair.
• Ravazzolo requested that you speak to your son to see if he would share more with you about what lead up to the incident.
• Ravazzolo also shared with you that your son handled the situation really well. At this point the conversation escalated.
• That evening you shared via email more information with the school to explain from your son’s perspective what lead up to the incident.
• This information would have lead to a follow-up discussion however, the other student involved moved from Connaught to another school and therefore further follow-up was not possible.

I have provided you with the information you requested and want you to know I support the process Mrs. Ravazzolo took to review the concerns brought forward.

I would again like to invite you to a conversation so we can move forward in a mutually respectful manner with the applicant’s best interests in mind. I look forward to hearing from you.