– PART 35 –

The DSBN Tries To Benefit and Capitalize From a Poisoned Relationship
Timeline: October 25, 2021 – October 26, 2021

35.1 Christopher McInnis clearly stated in his October 26, 2021 email that he is denying the parents request to transfer their son to a different teacher

To: Christopher McInnis chris.mcinnis@dsbn.org
Dated: October 25, 2021

I want our son to be transferred out of Kevin Maddalena’s class and to a more forward-thinking teacher’s classroom. Kevin Maddalena appears to think that because our son comes from a home where his parents are actively involved with his education and have the ability to purchase internet for him to use to learn. That our son is unable to bring home any school work as it is a form of cheating!

It appears that Kevin Maddalena is delighted with giving our son failing marks in English and wishes to continue to do so. It also appears that he has his agenda for doing so, as he deliberately denies our son the ability to learn by not allowing our son to bring work home so he can learn.

I am at the point with this school that I will start getting the Ministry of Education involved because I cannot tolerate or stand your racist behavior towards our son. I still have not heard back from you or your vice principal, as to why our son had to apologize for being told that “You are worthless” and “You should kill yourself.”

If you have not figured out or gotten the memo yet. I am not a parent who will go away. I am pretty persistent like that. If I do not hear back from you regarding the apology to his bully, that was guilted upon our son by your vice principal by the end of this Tuesday ( October 26, 2021 ) I will escalate it to the DSBN, which I know will do nothing, which will result in my next move of filing a Human Rights complaint with the HRTO on the applicant’s behalf against you, Jacqueline Ravazzolo, Kevin Maddalena and the DSBN.

At that point, we will then let it work itself out, but at a minimum it will be documented, and I will post it on my website and direct individuals to it for all to see. I am tired of dealing with your school’s ignorant and racist behavior.

Our son has done nothing to you individuals, yet you are constantly holding him down and treating him as if he is not allowed to learn or be treated as equal! You are now on notice so don’t be surprised when things become very complicated on your end!

From: Christopher McInnis chris.mcinnis@dsbn.org
Dated: October 26, 2021

As far as moving your son to a different classroom teacher, we will not be doing that…

35.2 This is where the future table against the applicant and his parents was set by Christopher McInnis.

35.3 Christopher McInnis, like Mary Anne Gage believed it was a fantastic idea to leave the applicant with a teacher who was obviously not interested in seeing him succeed and who was actually going out of his way and breaking his word to make sure the student couldn’t catch up and maintain parity with the rest of the class.

35.4 Christopher McInnis believed it was an amazing opportunity to continue to leave the applicant with a teacher who was clearly poisoning the student and teacher professional relationship that is required in every DSBN classroom.

35.5 It appears that a pattern has emerged in which the DSBN seeks to make applicants feel as unpleasant and uncomfortable as possible in an effort to either get him to refuse to go to school or to have his parents eventually withdraw him and home school him because the Connaught Public School environment was toxic and unsafe for their son to be around.