– Closing Points C –

Trying To Let the Clock Do the Work for Them

C.1 A prominent Ontario lawyer named Darryl Singer stated it the best. “What we see time and time again is when a white student goes to the principal, vice-principal [or] guidance counsellor and says, ‘Sir, ma’am, this Black student has threatened me,’ not only does this school swing into action … in many instances, like my clients have had the police called on them. However, when Black students and their parents report bullying and threats, they’re often lodging complaints repeatedly over months or sometimes years.”

C.2 The applicant’s circumstances are incredibly unusual. And it is extremely rare for any institution or organization to consistently hunt, target and violate the rights of a single individual, especially a child. The applicant is lucky in that there have been so many instances of racist behavior over the past two years that it clearly under the preponderance test, shows the DSBN and the defendants failed to protect him from harassment, assaults, harm, targeting, hunting, verbal abuse, destruction of property, theft, and the attempted theft, bulling, intimidation and the list goes on. All the while the DSBN and the defendants are trying to protect and covering up the Caucasian individuals who commit these offenses against the applicant.

C.3 For almost two decades the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki have engaged in hiring and promotion practices that are racist, sexist, and discriminatory and they have gotten away with it. And as a result, their arrogance finally got the better of them. Their willful lack of participate in their willingness to fully and properly investigation ANY of the incidents involving the applicant stands out. They were always merely attempting to do the bare minimum and again were hoping to use the clock to accomplish their work for them.

C.4 The unspoken motto of the DSBN workforce, is to STALL – STALL – STALL for as long as you can. Ignore the parent’s communications and concerns; and even when you do respond. Merely keep repeating the same regurgitate response over and over to prevent any conflicting statements.

C.5 Had the family filed this same application with just the Marcus’s incident from September 25, 2021, right away. The HRTO could never have seen their behavior as racist. It would have been just “unfair treatment” as how could anyone be able to prove race was a factor?

C.6 But after two years and numerous instances from the DSBN and the defendants. Along with a well document and establish behavior throughout many, many, many Ontario school. It is now evident that the defendant’s decisions against the applicant were motivated by his skin tone, and as retaliation for speaking up and eventually filing with the HRTO.

C.7 Never once did the outcome ever favor the applicant who was ALWAYS the victim! The DSBN and the defendant’s choices ALWAYS affect the applicant in a negative manner as if he was the bully. Treating him as if HE was responsible for the situations happening.

C.8 One could say that just because 500 schools in Ontario have this common practice against racialized individuals does not mean that the DSBN partakes. And to that it is said that if there were five hundred Ku Klux Klan club houses throughout the world, would anyone say that maybe one of them is not racist?

C.9 School boards engage in this kind of behavior because it benefits both the boards and their employees. There is a reason why school boards cannot implement this type of database. The school boards do not act this way because it is advantageous to the students. It is because someone higher up feels that it is better to protect the systemic racist system than it is to enforce a child/students rights to a feel safe and have a positive experience in class and that they are supported and reassured that school is a safe and inclusive environment!

C.10 There is nothing wrong with having preferences; it is a natural human trait shared by people of all races. However, in this instance, the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki deliberately allowed their personal preferences to get in the way of any efforts to advance the love for all, equality and the ability for racialized individuals to be able to find employment within the DSBN, so they too could provide for and support their own families. Rather, the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki allowed their predilection for Caucasian females to put everyone else in an unwinnable position! So much for Christopher McInnis “BOTH SIDES WIN” views.

C.11 When viewing the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki hiring practices for almost two decades. Racialized individuals were definitely interview and were subsequently rejected. Maybe during the first year of Warren Hoshizaki racist, sexist and discriminatory behavior it could have been dismissed as unremarkable. However after doing it for almost two decades, what the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki were doing became as transparent as clear glass.

C.12 Reviewing each of the applicant’s incidents as a separate incident, it appears as an innocent and unremarkable incident. Yeah the DSBN and the defendants might not have handle the situation in the best of ways, but no definitive proof that it was because the applicant was Black.

C.13 However, after two years of their racist incidents, understanding the racist behavior of the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki, the culture of the workforce and piecing everything together like a jigsaw puzzle. It is evident that every incident the applicant is forced into against his will, always concludes with the racist culture of the DSBN allowing the Caucasian bullies to walking way (WINNING) without consequences or the disruption to their education. Again, so much for Christopher McInnis “BOTH SIDES WIN” views.

C.14 And each and every time the applicant is left to wonder why the mistreatment and abuse he endures is never addressed? When he does speak up, he is told he “should play somewhere else.” Or the DSBN circles the wagons, planning different ways to antagonize the parents to the point where they just get frustrated with their son being bullied and give up and removed their son to protect him from these repeated cruel attacks. Resulting in the DSBN now ignoring the issue as they implement the Marcus Effect.

C.15 Remember Darryl Singer stated it the best. “However, when Black students and their parents report bullying and threats, they’re often lodging complaints repeatedly over months or sometimes years.”

C.16 And that’s exactly what we have here: it took years before there was enough undoubtable evidence to prove that racial prejudice has always been the main motivator from the beginning.

C.17 It’s important to remember that the family is also working hard; they still have to find the time to keep their household and family in good condition during these demanding times. Amidst the seemingly never-ending amounts of incidents, and having to address them, while attempting to find time to write and review the material. And in order to ensure that there are no misunderstandings, it has to be broken down in great depth. This take time as any lawyer would tell you.