– Part 52 –

Kevin Maddalena Spreads Lies
Timeline: October 18, 2022

52.1 On October 18, 2022, while the applicant was indefinitely suspend/expelled. He explained to his parents that he was upset to learn from friends/classmates that Kevin Maddalena was telling students that he (the applicant) had refused to come back to school and that the school had nothing to do with him not being there.

52.2 Here is yet another instance of a teacher discussing the applicants private matters with individuals unrelated to the situation. Additionally, Kevin Maddalena was making an effort to portray the applicant’s parents as the unreasonable ones for preventing their son from going back to school for no reason.

52.3 This is just another attempt to flat-out lie about the circumstances in order to malign the applicant and his parents!

52.4 Remember when C. Vizzari used the tale of having to explain to her two children how she was disrespected at work today by a student in an attempt to guilt the applicant into making an apology.

52.5 C. Vizzari somehow knowing the applicants name without ever having any interaction with him? We all know how she learned about the applicant and his name. She learned it through Connaught Public School workforce gossip!

52.6 It is reasonable to assume that S. Masterson knew about the rumor because that would explain why he randomly and unexpectedly hunted down the applicant over the course of two days for reasons that were so unimportant and unjustified that his actions would raise serious doubts about his true motivations for even initiating the interactions with the applicant.

52.7 Why do these Connaught Public School/DSBN employees feel the need to involve others in these issues that only concern the applicant and the DSBN?

To: Kevin Maddalena kevin.maddalena@dsbn.org
Mary Anne Gage maryanne.gage@dsbn.org
Jacqueline Ravazzolo jacqueline.ravazzolo@dsbn.org
Date: October 18, 2022

Dear Sir, please stop telling students like J*** that our son has been able to come back to school and has chosen not to.

It is clear in the email from the liar Ms. Ravazzolo that our son is not welcomed back until she gets too interrogate him about his incident with the bully Hunter. So his mom and I refuse to allow the liar to interrogate our son and offer her another opportunity to lie upon our son.

If you are unclear as to what is happening, I would strongly suggest staying out of it and just saying I don’t know! Our son will never speak to a single individual from the DSBN.

Thursday, 06 October 2022, 05:00p.m. -04:00 from “Ravazzolo, Jacqueline” Jacqueline.Ravazzolo@dsbn.org:
Good Evening,

I am following up from our conversation this afternoon where I was requesting a meeting with yourself and your son to discuss the concerns that were brought to my attention today. The purpose of the meeting is to hear your son’s perspective about the incident and to put a plan in place so that we can move forward. Please let me know if you are available to meet next Tuesday October 11th, or Wednesday October 12th in the afternoon or anytime on Thursday October 13th. This meeting must occur before your son can return to school. I am confident that we can work together in a mutually respectful manner.