– Part 70 –

“I am often not able to respond to emails as
I am working with students and staff.”
Discussion: Janice Sargeant Emails – October 23, 2023 – October 24, 2023

70.1 Again the parents have to send multiple emails to get any form of response from the DSBN and Janice Sargeant. Why? Because Janice Sargeant states “I am often not able to respond to emails as I am working with students and staff.”

  • Is the applicant a student at her school? YES!
  • Does the applicant attend school during the same working hours that she is working with other students? YES!
  • Is the applicant not entitled to also have his concerns be default with during these same work hours? YES!

70.2 In spite of this, sometimes the parents had to wait until the evening, often for many hours after the students had left school to receive a response after sending multiple emails. Even after obtaining the most recent HRTO material, which repeatedly addresses this same issue, the DSBN persisted in acting in the same manner.

70.3 The reason for their behavior is rather clear. There was no way the DSBN and Janice Sargeant were going to take the time throughout the day to respond to the parents. Since the applicant was not in a rush to visit her office and have a conversation with her. She figured she would make the parents have to write several emails in retaliation, and then she would make them wait a day or many hours after school was over to hear back from her.

70.4 It again seems to be another one of these “This meeting must occur” before I will make any real efforts to address your concerns about your son being bullied in a timely manner!

70.5 And to prove this point if you tally up the content of Janice Sargeant first 5 emails to the parents in regards to their concerns about their son being bullied, and their daughter’s missing photo from the 2021 Graduation class photo mounted on the wall at the school. There are a total of 193 words which works out to an average of only 38.6 words per email.

70.6 Assuming the Janice Sargeant had no trouble typing sixty words per minute. It seems that Janice Sargeant is only prepared to devote 39 seconds of her precious time to responding to emails from the parents and their concerns for their children who did and do attend Thorold Secondary School.

70.7 Janice Sargeant claims have to make one would wonder where she finds the time to eat or use the restroom given her amazing work schedule? And as everyone knows, Janice Sargeant appears to be utterly unable to even find time for any kind of casual or general chat with employees or visitors because “working with students and staff” takes up her entire day. Yeah it Is Bullshit!

70.8 The DSBN, Warren Hoshizaki, Mary Anne Gage and Janice Sargeant continue to play this game of doing the bare minimum when it comes to the safety and well-being of the applicant and his education. It is pretty clear that their “goal” is not to ensure safety of the applicant and to make sure he has positive experiences in class.