– Part 71 –

The Black Student/Teen Is Broken
Discussion: October 24, 2023

71.1 Tuesday, October 24, 2023: the next day the applicant attended geography class once more. With just a few minutes remaining in the class, the students were instructed to put their laptops away.

71.2 A Caucasian student passed the applicant’s desk and tried picking up his phone, which had been resting on top of his desk the whole period. The applicant grabbed his phone and looked up at the student and remained silent. The applicant was reluctant to turn this into a situation, so he just ignored the Caucasian student behavior.

71.3 And because the applicant neglected to address it the first time. The Caucasian student attempted to replicate the same action again as he walked past the applicant’s desk and back to his own. No Consequences Equals Repeated Behavior.

71.4 The applicant slap the Caucasian students hand away stating “DO NOT TOUCH MY PHONE!”

71.5 The Caucasians student reacted with a “WOOOHHH!” in a very sarcastic tone, pretending to be scared. He looked over the applicant at that point and stated “So true!” while laughing with a group of three Caucasian females who were seated just behind the applicant.

71.6 The candidate looked back quickly to see who he was speaking to, and one of the Caucasian girls who was laughing was imitating the disgusting actions of the Black student from the previous day.

71.7 The applicant stared straight at the three Caucasian girls as they laughed at him. The bell went off and the applicant a decided this was not the time to make a scene. The day was over and it was not worth it.

71.8 When the applicant got outside and into the family car, he immediately broke down and said “I am done dad! I am not going back to geography class! I don’t even like this school!” The father asked him “What is going on?” The applicant explained what just happened and the parents agreed to let the applicant withdraw from geography class. The parents sent an email to Janice Sargeant, Warren Hoshizaki and Mary Anne Gage stating that the applicant was dropping out of geography class.

71.9 Despite never having spoken to the applicant, it is obvious that this geography class harbors a deep dislike for the applicant. Out of a class of thirty-five students, the applicant only associates with the two that also attended Connaught Public School with him for grade 7 and a portion of grade 8.

71.10 Imagine that not even two months into the academic year, not a single student from a group of thirty-two in the geography class has ever tried to make friends or attempted to even speak to the applicant. It is astounding that racism is so pervasive in the DSBN educational system and at Thorold Secondary School that even students are able to condemn, despise, and make fun of someone based only on the color of their skin!

71.11 So what is the difference between the students and the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki? Absolutely nothing, because the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki refused to promote and even hire racialized individuals based on color of their skin also!

71.12 Remember the Niagara Area as a whole has never elected a single racialized school trustee to the board, demonstrating how distant they are from any desire for diversity and equity within their own communities. And as a result, the DSBN and Warren Hoshizaki have definitely noticed and recognized this, leading them to act to appease the residents of the Niagara Region. They fearlessly reciprocate by continuing to maintaining the desire of the residents maintain an Organizational Whiteness DSBN.

71.13 Additionally, as a result of their unwillingness to even confront the three “Chocolate Timbit” offender’s racist actions, including a teacher named Kevin Elzinga who did nothing but watch and listen. These Caucasian students are well aware of what they are and are not allowed to get away with. What exactly is that line or boundary for unacceptable is the sole question?

71.14 Since it seems that there is no restriction on using racial slurs against a racialized student in a classroom where a Caucasian teacher is present and listening! Again it must be asked. What exactly is that line or boundary for unacceptable behavior is the sole question?

71.15 It’s incredible how a single incident that goes unchecked can have such terrible effects on a youngster later who wasn’t even involved. Recall – No Consequences Equals Repeated Behavior!