– Part 75 –

Yes the Applicant is Black!
Timeline: November 23, 2023

75.1 On November 23, 2023 the applicant had more negative interactions with students from Thorold Secondary School in regards to the color of his Black complexion.

75.2 After again getting into the family car while being picked up from school, the applicant explaining the situation to his father and email was sent immediately that evening when they got home.

To: Janice Sargeant janice.sargeant@dsbn.org
Warren Hoshizaki warren.hoshizaki@dsbn.org
Mary Anne Gage maryanne.gage@dsbn.org
Dated: November 23, 2023

We are sending you this email in reference to two additional instances of bullying and possible cases of racism that our son encountered at Thorold Secondary School today. We simply tell you about these instances so that it will be recognized on the record if it happens more frequently than they do now.

First incident: Today when our son was making his way between Art and English classes, a student behind him yelled out to him, “Hey, Black kid with the orange converse!”

Our son did not turn around as he refuses to accept being referred to as the “Black kid.” Instead, he chose to maintain his composure and continued walking without bothering to turn around, not wanting to inadvertently start something that could eventually lead to a physical conflict.

We don’t know why a random student feels compelled to use his complexation to address him. However, it was obvious that he had a thousand better ways to reach out to him. However, when a school board and its staff members with cultural bias only see color (Caucasian.) What do you think the students will see?

Second incident: Our son was sitting in front of a student from his previous geography class who also attends his French class. The student was talking to someone else loudly enough for our son to hear him say, “Ohh he is fucking stupid, he got kicked out of geography.. Yea, he’s Black!”

Again not sure what our son being bi-racial has to do with him not being in geography class, but it is clear that this student thought that it played an important enough role to point it out when stating that our son’s failed out with a 86%

It is clear that your students at Thorold Secondary school are obsessed withour son’s Black skin. Our son really enjoys being reminded that he his Black and is in a system where the DSBN and the Director of Education Warren Hoshizaki openly and fearless used racial profiling when looking to fill employment opportunities at the DSBN!

It’s astounding that, despite it being bullying awareness and prevention week, you did not plan a single program or presentation on the subject. It appears that the Bullies, will have to learn that bullying is wrong when they graduate from your school and get their ass beat in the real world! And for this reason Thorold Secondary School’s racist culture exists as it does.

However, it’s excellent that you brought up domestic abuse against women today, especially in light of Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week. The National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence against Women is December 06, 2023, not during Bullying Prevention and Awareness Week, according to the DSBN calendar.

75.3 So in regards to first incident where a student yelled out in a school hallway to the applicant “Hey, Black kid with the orange converse!” It is unknown what race this student was as the applicant refused to be addressed in this manner and was not willing to inadvertently start some form of altercation that could have led to a physical conflict. The applicant continued on his way to his next class.

75.4 There was absolutely no reason for this random student to call out to the applicant, and there was absolutely no reason to address the applicant as “ Hey Black Kid…” But it is clear that the cultural understanding towards racialized students at Thorold Secondary School seems to be as ignorant as the DSBN cultural bias workforce.

75.5 Example: Kevin Elzinga who passively sat back and watched while a Caucasian student calls a Black student multiple racial slurs. So what makes anyone believe that students do not mimic what they see and hear while attending geography class at Thorold Secondary School?

75.6 As we all know, these younger generations are devoid of common sense and the capacity to distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate behavior. TikTok was not founded on typical normal conduct; rather, it originated from incidents of young female individuals who, in the middle of the day, throw a chair off a balcony onto a busy Gardner Expressway.

75.7 The second incident involved two Caucasian students that were deliberately and loudly conversing about the applicant and his grades and his Black complexion. One of the Caucasian students involved was from his previous geography class.

75.8 It is not a coincidence or a surprise that yet another Caucasian students from the same geography class has begun to unnecessarily target the applicant. Above all, there was no justification for these two Caucasian students to debate the applicants reasoning for attending geography class or not. Most significantly, the applicant’s ethnicity is irrelevant when it comes to the reasons he is or is not in class.

75.9 This never-ending assault of racist insults and misery seems to just never cease as the applicant attends the Thorold Secondary School. Why are students at Thorold Secondary School so fixated on the applicant’s race? Perhaps it is related to the DSBN, Warren Hoshizaki, Janice Sargeant and Kevin Elzinga’s lack of dedication to eradicating racism and bullying.