Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario Complaint Filed, Coming Soon!

In order to share our experiences with what we believe to be inappropriate and discriminatory behavior at Connaught Public School during the past two academic years, our family has developed this website.

Note that at the time of this conversation, Chris McInnis, the form principal abruptly and unexpectedly retired after 3 months as principal and the then vice-principal, Jacqueline Ravazzolo was afterwards rewarded by the DSBN and Warren Hoshizakia to become the new principal of Connaught Public School.

In light of this, we will outline each incident and show how our son was targeted with verbal hatred and physical assaults from Caucasian students while attending a DSBN’s Connaught Public School.

We will detail every incident that led to the then-vice-principal Jacqueline accusing a 12-year-old Black student/child who was unknown to her, innocent, and well-behaved of lying in an effort to save her own image and career.

We will also demonstrate how this same 12-year-old Black child/student homeroom teacher Kevin Maddalena, has suddenly started labelling him a liar after a year later an effort to shield Jacqueline Ravazzolo, from being held responsible for her actions.

We will also demonstrate how the DSBN, Warren Hoshizakia and school trustee, Mary Anne Gage have taken every possible step to avoid dealing with the process of holding these individuals accountable for their actions.

We wil go into great detail about the physical and verbal abuse that our son was subjected to from a variety of Caucasian classmates while also demonstrating how Chris McInnis and the Connaught Public School personnel consistently ignored our son’s pleas for assistance and help.

Finally, in an effort to punish our child and our family for speaking out against the DSBN and all parties involved for their racist actions, we will demonstrate their attempts to single out our son and hold him back academically.

We are currently putting together our documentation to submit to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO), and we will be releasing all of it on this website to let the school’s parents and the general public knows what is happening.

We will publish everything that was said, done, and written by all parties involved because we no longer feel that we should be ashamed or embarrassed for bringing up this kind of behavior in our public schools. This conduct only persists because the people who are affected by it are scared that it will have an impact on their children and their education.

They can no longer punish or retaliate against our son as we have resorted to home school him out of fear of future physical and mental abuse being directed towards our son.

We will do whatever it takes to not only to expose and destroy their lies and racist behavior by making these individuals accountable. But to make sure they understand and they know it was our family that did it!

Let the cards start falling where they may!